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2021       “Indigenous Survivance and Resistance” (Round Table Panelist), American Historical Association Annual Conference

2020        “Urban Sustainability Symposium” (Round Table Panelist), California State University, Los Angeles

2020        “Pollinator Pockets and Urban Biodiversity” (Panelist), Association of Professional Landscape Designers Biodiversity Conference

2020         “Sustainability: More than an Ethos” (Panelist), Los Angeles Public Library

2020        “Sustainable Curriculum: Interdisciplinarity in a Capstone Course” (Presenter), California Higher Education Sustainability Conference


2020        “California Indian Resistance to Colonialism” (Panel Moderator), Western History Association Annual Conference


2020         “Cinematic Settlers: Settler Colonial North American West in Film” (Round Table Panelist), Western History Association Annual Conference


2020       “ECCA and Digital History: Re-Imagining Space and Identity in California” (Presenter w/Steve Hackel), Omohundro Institute (OI) Annual


2020        “Food Borderlands in the Age of British Imperialism” (Presenter) Pacific Coast Branch of British Studies Conference, UC Riverside

2020        “Indigenous Borderlands of the Early Modern Indigenous World” (Invited Speaker) Shattuck Colonial History Symposium, CSU Sacramento

2020        “Sustainability and the Future of Urban Development” (Invited Public Panelist) Conrad Hilton Foundation Symposium

2020        “The Future of Sustainability in the San Fernando Valley" (moderator) CSUN College of Social and Behavioral Science Rountable

2020        “Rez Metal” Book Talk (Invited Public Lecture) UCLA Department of History

2020        “Open Gardens: Re-envisioning Gardens, Foodscapes, and History in LA”College of Health and Human Development, CSUN

2019        “Indigenizing and Globalizing the American Revolution” (Invited Public Lecture) UCLA American History X Program

2019        “Urban Oases: Rethinking Biodiversity On Our Campus and In Our City” (Invited Public Lecture) California State University, Northridge

2019        “Open Gärden and Urban Farming in Los Angeles” (Invited Public Lecture) Los Angeles Food Policy Council

2019        “Community-Driven Development in Tanzania Forum: Sustainable Development” (Forum Participant), Global Partners for Development, Tanzania

2019        “Food, Travels, and Tastes in a Globalized Atlantic: A Roundtable” (Panel Presenter), Omohundro Institute (OI) Annual Conference

2019        “Borderlands of History: Food Systems, Soundscapes, and Expanding the Archive” (Invited Public Lecture), UCSC

2019        “Open Garden: Re-envisioning Gardens and History in Los Angeles” (Invited Public Lecture), City of Santa Monica

2018        “Food Frontiers: Native Landscapes and Power in Early North America,” Whitsett Annual Lecture, CSUN         

2018       “Indigenous Food Sovereignty,” UCLA, Department of World Arts and Culture

2018       “Indigenous Archives of Early California,” Autry National Center, LAUSD Teaching History Workshop      

2018       “Rez Metal: Indigenous Innovation and Tradition,” UCLA Department of History

2018       “Applied History and the Digital Humanities” (Panel Moderator), Pacific Coast Branch- American Historical Association (PCB-AHA)

2018       “The Rio Puerco Spill: Energy Development and Indian Country” (Panel Presenter), Western History Association (WHA)

2018       “Indigenous Archives: Knowledge, Power, and Presence” (Panel Moderator), Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA)

2018       “Indigenous California History: State of the Field Roundtable” (Panel Presenter), Organization of American Historians (OAH)

2018       “Indigenous Global Exchange during the Long Nineteenth Century” (Panel Presenter), Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction


2017       “Imagining the Futures of Climate Change,” Public Roundtable, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, UCLA

2017       “Indigenous Archives:Sources, Methods, and Theory” (co-convener), American Philosophical Society Colloquium

2017       “The Great Plains: An Environmental History” (Presenter), University of Oklahoma National Science Foundation (NSF) Workshop

2017       “Trade, Violence, and Early America” (moderator), Autry National Center     

2017       “Cultures of Energy” Symposium (Panel Presenter), Rice University, Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences


2017       “Networks” Speaker Series, Loyola Marymount University

2017       “Indigenous Body: Food Sovereignty and Wellness” (Moderator), PCB-AHA

2016       “Places and Materialities in the Age of Revolutions” (Panel Presenter), AHA

2016       “Food Frontiers: Indigenous Borderlands and Continental Landscapes,” UCLA Institute of American Cultures Fall Forum

2016       “Wheat Frontiers in the Early Republic,” Chatham University 

2016       Traders and RaidersBook Talk, Huntington Library ICW Series

2016       “Borderland Ecologies in Early America,” Claremont Graduate University Humanities Forum

2016       “Land Use and the Environment” (discussant), CSUN Whitsett Symposium

2016        Traders and Raiders Book Talk, UCLA American Indian Studies Department

2015       “Indigenous Borderlands and the Development of Early California,” UCLA History-Geography Project

2015       “Networks of Native Political Economy in North America” (Panel Presenter), World History Association

2015       “Indigenous Revolutions” (Panel Presenter), AHA

2014       “Pre-Contact Native California,” Autry National Center

2014       “The Future of Indigenous Energy Development,” UCLA Honorarium Lecture 

2014       “Revolutions in the Grass” (Panel Presenter), William and Mary Quarterly-Early Modern Studies Institute Workshop

2014       “Change and Continuity: Intertribal Trade on Material Culture,” Autry National CenterFloral Journey Seminar

2014       “Nineteenth Century Environment and Politics” (Commentator), CSUN Whitsett Annual Symposium


2014       “Intersecting Sustainable Urban Farming and Public History” (Panel Presenter), National Council on Public History (NCPH)

2014       “Food Deserts in the San Gabriel Valley” (Panel Presenter), American Studies Association (ASA)

2013       “Energy Development and Indian Country,” UCLA Honorarium Lecture 

2013       “Trading on the Colorado-Gila River” (Panel Presenter), Mid-America Conference on History

2013       “Reimagining South Los Angeles” (discussant), CSUN Whitsett Symposium

2013       “Indigenous People and Los Angeles Agriculture” (commentator), CSUN Whitsett Symposium

2013       “Indigenous Slave Networks in the Native Far West” (Panel Presenter),Southern Methodist University Annual Public Symposium

2013.      “Empires through the Lens of Food” (Panel Presenter), AHA

2012       “Native Plant Use and Food Systems in Pre-Contact Los Angeles,” UCLA National History Center Workshop

2012       “Early Exploration in the American West,” NEH Teaching US History Workshop

2012       “Foodways in Colonial California,” Autry Western History Workshop

2012       “Uniting the Histories of Slavery” (Presenter), SAR Symposium

2012       “Fighting for Identity in the Post-War U.S.” (Moderator/Commentator), Whittier Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts (URSCA)

2012       “Teaching about Colonial Food Systems” (Panel Presenter), Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS)

2012       “Indigenous Landscapes in the Far West Borderlands” (Panel Presenter), Western Historical Association (WHA)


2011        “Pacific Pathways:  Consumption and Land Use in Early California,” NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture 

2011        “Food Frontiers: How Native Consumers Forged the Early Republic” (Panel Presenter), Society for Historians of the Early American Republic

2011        “Native Histories and Interregional Identity in Early California” (Panel Presenter), PCB-AHA

2010       “The Colonial and National Identities of the Constitution,” NEH Teaching American History Workshop

2010       “Reevaluating the Missions” (commentator), Whitsett Annual Seminar 

2010       “Chinese Porcelain, Mexican Identity, and the Early Modern World Economy”(Panel Presenter),World History Association 

2010       “Grow, Prepare, and Share: English Language Acquisition through Food”(Panel Presenter),California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)      

2009       “Visualizing California: Case Studies Environmental Change, 1750 to 2000” (Panel Presenter), Social Science History Association (SSHA)

2009       “Urban Inequality and Nutritional Access” (moderator), Center for Southern California Studies Annual Conference

2009       “World History through Food: Globalized Food Narratives” (commentator), UC Davis/Robert Mondavi Institute, Tasting Histories Conference

2008       “Native Californians and the Livestock Economy” (Panel Presenter), PCB-AHA

2007       “Shell Beads: Currency and Culture in Native California” (Presenter), Northern California Bead Society

2007       “Raiding the Rancho in Native California,” Bancroft Library, Round Table Series

2006       “Shadow Catcher and Story Collector: Edward S. Curtis and Oral History,”Gilcrease Museum, Edward S. Curtis Exhibition Opening


2005       “The Dual Effect: Uranium, the Bomb, and the First Nuclear Boom” (Panel Presenter), University of California Multi-Campus Group Conference






2018        Interview in KCET Tending Nature series, “Decolonizing Cuisine”


2017        Interview in “Eat Like an Early Californian at the Autry Museum’s Historic California Culinary Pop-Up,” LA Weekly

2017       “Firearms, Trade, and Power in Native North America,” C-SPAN

2016       “In Conversation with Natale Zappia,” Huntington Library

2016        “A Conversation with Natale Zappia,” New Books in Latino Studies Podcast


2006        NPR Affiliate Interview on Edward S. Curtis, Gilcrease Museum

Zappia conferring doctorate of humane letters (L.H.D.)

to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 2015.

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